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Real Money Online Casinos Playing real money online casinos is just fun on top of fun. Also, you stand a chance of becoming an experienced player. Since it’s your money you are taking, a trustworthy and reliable real money online casino, you need to do a good...

The 888 casino mobile app – It Is What Every User Needs

The 888 casino mobile app The 888 casinos mobile portable application permits clients with tablets and android mobiles to play kiwi online casino – truly you can say it transforms your cell phone into a club.

There are a number of games which you can play once you have installed the app. Some of those games include: Mobile Slots, Mobile Blackjack and Mobile Roulette. Not forgetting everyone who wants to enjoy 888sport , 888poker or 888bingo.

If you want to install the 888 casino mobile app, all you have to do is visit with the help of your mobile device and the download the app and once the download is through, the next step is to install the application. Scanning a provided QR code is also another option of downloading the 888 casino mobile app. Remember a player you should have your username and password to log into the app, if not, you can visit the site and register for a free 888 casino account to enjoy the services provided by the app.

Before you can download the app, there are system requirements which your mobile device needs to have. These are:

  • Android web browser
  • Android™ Version 4.0, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.3, and 2.2.
  • Adobe AIR 3/ Adobe Flash platform runtimes
  • ARMv7 processor that has vector FPU, OpenGL ES 2.0, minimum 550MHz, AAC HW decoders
  • 256MB of RAM

The 888 casino mobile app As we speak, we only have the English version of the 888 casino app. Though some users can download individual games from the App Store, with the 888 casino mobile app, you have the full access to the 888 casino platform. That includes all the banking methods, bonus offers and the various games.

888 casino mobile app features

The application is packed with great features and games and some of them include:

  • Progressive games and huge jackpots
  • Intuitive UI
  • Variety of slots
  • European, American and French roulette
  • Live games (with interactive play, real-time and live dealers)
  • Classic blackjack
  • Runs well on iPad, iPhone as well as Android devices
  • Practice mode option
  • Smooth game play
  • Quick game download.

There is more you will discover once you download and use the 888 casino mobile app.

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Online Slot Machine Tournaments

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Agent Jane Blonde Casino Game

Agent Jane Blonde Casino Game

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Learn about online gambling psychology

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